Meeting Change Form

The intent of this form is to service the group who attends area. Please only fill out this form if you are a GSR, Alternate GSR and their is a group conscience for these reported meeting changes.

Please attend ASC and report your changes for other groups.

    Please use these codes only in you are a new meeting or changing an existing meeting.

    H- Handicap AccessibleNS- No SmokingSB- Smoke BreakO-OpenC- ClosedM-Men'sW- Women'sY-YouthCW- Children WelcomeCS- Children SupervisedNC- No ChildrenBT- Basic TextBK- Book StudyD- DiscussionSD- Speaker DiscussionB- BeginnersJT- Just For todayTo- TopicCL- Candlelight MeetingLGBT- LGBTQ+