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SOANA is hosting PNWCNA & we need your help!

The following subcommittees need support:

  • Entertainment & Fundraising Chair Jackie J. meets 1st Wed of each month at 7pm 275 N. 3rd St Jacksonville
  • Arts & Graphics Chair Angel L. meets 2nd. Sun of each month at 6:00 pm 314,S Holly St Medford
  • Convention Programming Chair Greg B. meets 2nd Sunday at 7pm immediately following PNWCNA subcommittee
  • Arts & Graphics
  • Merchandise & Fundraising  Chair Heather Jo. meets 4th Thursday of every month 7:15pm – 8:15 1481 S. Columbus Rd. Medford
  • Hospitality Chair Todd D. meets 1st Friday of every month-5:30 pm 85 S Holly St. Medford
  • Registration & Serenity Keepers Chairs Connie & Kathy meets 2nd Monday 7:30 immediately
    following PNWCNA subcommittee

Open positions: Convention Information, Billeting and Special Needs.

Please attend PNWCNA subcommittee on the 2nd Monday at 6:30 at the Alan O club 1921 Elm St Medford if you are interested.